BControl provides a continuous monitoring framework which can be used to perform automated periodic reviews of configuration, master data and transaction controls

BControl helps you unlock the full potential of your SAP system by evaluating the configuration of automated controls provided by SAP and establish well governed internal controls framework.

BControl provides insight into your master data and helps you eliminate deficiencies

BControl comes with pre-delivered library of controls and is highly flexible so that you can tailor the rules according to your requirements and add custom controls as well.

BControl along with Quick Audit gives you a comprehensive coverage over access related controls and configurable controls.

SAP is a highly flexible ERP System that provides many configuration options to enforce controls over a business processes mapped in SAP. During most of the implementations, these capabilities of SAP get ignored in favor of functionality. This results in essential internal controls not being configured within the system.

With BControl, you can have complete insight into the SAP configurable settings including whether the settings have been enabled and if they enforce controls effectively. BControl also helps you to effectively monitor the changes to the configurable controls on an ongoing basis.

Controls Monitoring Lifecycle

  • Extract - Periodically extract Data
  • Customize - Adjust rules to your requirements
  • Analyze - perform analysis of the extracted data
  • Report - Verify the reports
  • Fix - configure the required controls
  • Perform periodic monitoring

BControl evaluates controls across following business processes

BControl has a pre-defined library of over 120 controls that can be potentially configured in SAP for enhanced control over operations

Value Proposition

With Intuitive UI that requires minimal training, built-in rule sets, a great set of reports and a reliable support, you can start using BControl just out-of-thebox!

BControl is easy to use, configure and adds value to the internal control reviews by automating the most time and effort consuming part. It enables you to focus on 'Intelligent Auditing'.


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