Automated Access Controls Management


Comprehensive reports let you identify users with conflicting / excessive access. Conflicting user access carries a potential fraud risk. Users with excessive access may carry out unauthorized transactions or may even bring your system to a halt compromising confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.


Risk arisisng out of conflicting access may be addressed in three ways: Segregation, mitigation or acceptance . With detailed last mile reporting , remediate current access situation quickly and efficiently. QuickAudit lets you be compliant in a cost effective way!


Get compliant and be compliant with the preventive user provisioning in QuickManage. Identify the SoD conflicts and excessive access before it ever enters your system and address it then and there. Sustain your compliant state with integrated user provisioning.

Access Controls

Access Control Policy in an organization sets out the organization’s philosophy for granting access and is one of the most important entity level control that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Segregation of Duties

covers review of conflicting access granted to the users that may allow them to bypass controls

Critical User Access

covers review of access rights that may compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of system, if misused

Excessive User Access

covers review of access rights granted to users to ensure that users get access only on need-to-know basis

QuickAudit: A Complete Solution

Report - with QuickAudit

Segregation of Duties

  • QuickAuditTM has a standard SoD Conflict Definition based on COSO Internal Controls Framework which can be easily tailored to organization's specific needs
  • QuickAudit features rich reporting capabilities with a Management Dashboard and 4-Level drill down to root cause analysis of conflicts
  • Actual usage of TCode information provides a deeper insight into potential SoD risks facilitating rapid remediation action

Critical Access

  • QuickAuditTM facilitates continuous monitoring of Critical Access in SAP System
  • With actual usage information of the Critical TCodes, QuickAudit enables expeditious management decision and action on removal or continuation of the critical access

Excessive Access

  • Periodic review of User Authorization Matrix ensures that users can access only those transactions for which they have been authorized.
  • QuickAuditTM facilitates authorization review with detailed source of authorization information enabling easy and quick action for removal of excessive access

Remediate - with QuickAudit

Segregate Access

  • QuickAuditTM reports conflicts along with the degree of financial risk they carry for the organization.
  • Higher risk calls for segregation of access
  • Detailed conflict reports with multi-level drill-down right to the root cause level allow complete information for easily segregating duties
  • Top 5 Reports help undertake focused remedial action for the highlighted 'Quick Wins'.

Mitigating Controls

  • Peculiar business requirements or unavailability of sufficient staff may sometimes make it difficult to segregate duties
  • In such scenarios, the risk arising from conflicting access can be mitigated to an acceptable level by enforcing internal controls that provide a third person oversight or other measures of checks and balances
  • QuickAuditTM provides a functionality to document and assign mitigating controls and reports mitigated conflicts separately

Prevent - with QuickAudit

Along with Remediation, enforcing a preventive control is of immense importance for maintaining the clean state. QManage helps implement a preventive control over user and role access changes and new user access by integrating Access Controls in the User Provisioning Process.

User Access Change

  • Promotions, transfers and other changes in user's position in the organization call for additional or alternate access
  • Such access changes may give rise to additional user conflicts. QManage allows prevention of such conflicts by integrating SoD conflicts and critical access check in the user provisioning process.

New User Access

  • A 'Copy from User' functionality allows mimicking access of an existing user for a new users added to the system. This provides a snapshot of the conflicts that the user will carry into the system.

Role Changes

  • If roles themselves provide conflicting access, all the users to whom the roles are attached will get all the conflicting access
  • QManage prevents any SoD conflicts creeping into roles when they are modified or when new roles are created and helps maintain a clean state.


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