Control your operations

Streamline with Standardization

A standard task list / checklist across a multi-location setup to track performance helps you streamline operations.

Streamline with Standardization

Track all tasks from one single dashboard to have a 360o view of

Save paper trails and valuable time

Moving from paper-based checklists / Excel based lists to QuickChecks has multiple benefits:

  • Real-time collation of results
  • Standardization makes possible effective comparison between two locations
  • Near zero implementation time. Design a checklist and assign it and you are ready to go!

Tracking your Organization in real-time

QuickChecks is a versatile application that can adapt to various business situations and help you track operations, performance, controls or even routine tasks on real time basis with an insightful dashboard. QuickChecks is such a flexible tool that it not only helps you streamline and standardize your routine checklists like e.g. store opening, realty project site review, brand owned store inspection etc., but it can also help you automate your compliance and audits.

Approach and Methodology

Why QuickChecks?

Enhanced Productivity

Improve Consistency: Uniform data collection from standardized questions can enhance consistency.

Minimize the impact of question interpretation: QuickChecks provides downloadable support documentation, content-sensitive hints and "help text" to clarify management expectation.

Eliminate Data re-entry: Data is entered only once avoiding paperwork & delays.

Increased Focus: Improved productivity from an automated solution allows deep insights and focus on core business

Increased Operation Efficiency

Generate Action Items Automatically: E-mail reminders and action reports ensure timely follow-up and resolution.

Manage changes in responsibility: A configurable Org setup allows tight control over security privileges and user access.

Enhance communication to the field: A news bulletin board provides management with a centralized portal to create and distribute relevant updates to users of the application.

Improved Reporting

Reduce cycle time from data entry to reporting: Management can focus on low performance stores with corrective actions.

Improve visibility of key performance metrics: Management's response to operational issues can be swift with real time information.

Eliminate Data redundancy and Enhance Security: Data is synchronized upon completion and saved on a secure, centralized server.

Fosters a culture of accountability and integrity

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