Compliance Management

Cost of Compliance is going UP...

A protiviti study indicates that compliance costs are not only going up, but are outpacing the rate of inflation in many companies.

Organizations spend less than $500K on compliance

$2 million
54% of organizations with revenue > $20 billion spend more than $2 million on compliance

Organizations report that their Internal Control over Financial Reporting has improved

Leverage compliance efforts to drive continuous improvement of business processes

Managing Compliances in your Organization

Compliance management is a daunting task that organizations face today. With ever increasing governance regulations and requirements like Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR or IFC), Sox etc., more and more management time is invested in ensuring that the control environment in the company complies with all the legal and business requirements. Systems should be implemented in such a way that they automate various compliances and highlight only exceptions to the management thereby allowing the management to concentrate on business. With this objective in mind and with our 30 years plus collective experience in the field of

Ever Changing Scene of Compliance...

Protiviti Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey indicates the following findings:


Changes / increases in process and control documentation for high risk processes


Increase in time devoted to walk-throughs to gain and document an understanding of key business processes


Fresh assessment of the extent of coverage of, and/or an increase in scope related to international locations


Expansion of scope related to IT General Controls

Automating Compliance: The Final Frontier

There are significant opportunities for organizations to gain in terms of reduced time and expense on compliance by automating more of their key controls.

To what extent does your organization plan to further automate manual processes and controls? 2017 2012
Significant plans to automate a broad range of IT processes and controls 30% 12%
Moderate plans to automate a broad range of IT processes and controls 43% 34%
Minimal plans to automate a broad range of IT processes and controls 22% 37%
No plans to automate a broad range of IT processes and controls 5% 17%

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