Integrate Access Controls in User Provisioning workflow to enable Effective Preventive Compliance!

Continuous Preventive Control

While QuickAudit helps in identifying and remediating SoD conflicts, critical access and excessive access, QuickManage helps in implementing a continuous preventive control mechanism by enforcing a pre-review of every new access or access change request. It helps you make an informed decision and helps save time and effort for post facto corrective actions!

QuickManage is very easy to deploy where workflows can be created swiftly and put to use out-of-the-box with minimal user training

QuickManage tightly integrates with QuickAudit and requires minimum configuration to get you started!

Various template options for creating requests allows tailoring QuickManage to your organization's unique needs

Highly Configurable Workflow

QuickManage workflow is highly configurable
+ different workflows can be created based on the user's:
- Company
- Department
- Location
+ template based workflow can be created to determine access based on TCode or Role assignment

+ role managers and risk managers can be defined and a request can be routed based on the role manager for the roles to be assigned and the risk managers based on the risks that are violated by new access

+ Auto approval / rejection can be set for inactive requests

+ Split requests (in case where request flows to multiple role / risk owners) can be set to update status based on partial rejections

+ allows enforcing the creation of mitigating controls where access change requests result in SoD conflicts

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