Business Control

Automated Testing Of Configurable Controls In SAP®

BControl simplifies the recognition and assessment of internal controls by automating the examination of configuration, master data, and transaction controls. This enables you to concentrate on interpreting results rather than gathering fundamental data.

  • In-built library of 180+ automated controls for SAP® Business Configuration and Master Data Controls.
  • Support for Finance, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and HR business areas.
  • Easily editable and expandable Configuration Controls.
  • Enhanced visibility into process related risk exposure and operating effectiveness of controls.
  • Drastically reduce your Audit and Compliance effort and costs based on automated Controls Assurance. Re-focus your Controls Function on things that matters.​
  • Easily Demonstrate Compliance based on improved effectiveness of Configured Controls.
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Why BControl?

  • SAP® is a highly flexible ERP System that provides many configuration options to enforce controls over business processes mapped in it. Most implementations ignore these capabilities in favour of functionality and essential internal controls are not configured within the system.
  • With BControl, you can have complete insight into the SAP® configurable settings including whether the settings have been enabled and if they enforce controls effectively. BControl also helps you to effectively monitor the changes to the configurable controls on an ongoing basis.​

Continuous Preventive Control

  • ​​ Extract: Periodically extract data
  • Customise: Adjust rules to your requirements
  • Analyse: Perform analysis of the extracted data
  • Report: Entity wise detailed reports along with precise dashboards
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BControl Features

  • Provides a Continuous Monitoring Framework to perform Automated Periodic Reviews of Configuration, Master Data and Transaction Controls.
  • Evaluate the Configuration of Automated Controls provided by SAP®, establish well-governed Internal Controls Framework, and unlock the full potential of the SAP® system.​
  • Receive insights into Master Data and eliminate deficiencies.
  • Access highly flexible and customisable pre-delivered library of controls.​
  • Use along with QuickAudit for comprehensive coverage over Access Related Controls and Configurable Controls.

BControl evaluates controls across various business processes

BControl has a pre-defined library of over 180 controls that can be potentially configured in SAP®
for enhanced control over operations.

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Value Proposition

With Intuitive UI that requires minimal training, built-in rule sets, a great set of reports and a reliable support, you can start using BControl just out-of-the box!

Case Study

SAP® Configuration Review Of A Consumer Goods Company Specialising In Household Cleaning And Health And Personal Care Solutions

  • The client had a requirement to test SAP® configuration settings for 255 company codes.​​
  • The configuration scan was required for business cycles Procure to pay, Record to Report, Fixed Assets, Inventory Management, Production and Plan to Build.
  • In addition to testing of controls within Bcontrol library, few client specific controls from client RACM were also to be tested
Our role and value delivered​
  • Using Bcontrol over 180 controls spanning 6 business areas were tested, reducing the testing time from approx. 400 man hours (in case of manual testing) to approx. 80 hours.
  • Process-wise observation reports were delivered to client, giving control wise testing result (Pass/Fail/not maintained) for each in-scope company code. An overall observation and corresponding risk in case of control failure was mentioned in the report.
  • Testing logic and queries were built and incorporated in Bcontrol for client specific controls to be tested.​​
  • ​Each control within a process was assigned sub-process category for e.g.; Master data management, consolidation, intercompany accounting in RTR cycle, an executive summary was provided giving number of controls passed, failed or partially passed/failed for each sub-process.
  • Using the functionality within tool, the testing was performed only for company codes, chart of accounts, sales document types, business areas relevant for the client.​