Control Your Operations

A checklist based automation tool to manage various aspects of multi-location setup of your organisation

Tracking Your Organisation In Real-Time
  • Create and administer checklists to monitor various aspects of your organisation.
  • Monitor various aspects of operations, compliance, routine activities at regular intervals.
  • On-site response on mobile app with real time evidence.
  • Real time tracking of completion, performance and trends.
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Capturing User Response

  • Users receive email/app reminders for assignment of checklist.
  • Evidence and comments can be gathered for each question.
  • Response is auto-saved.
  • Mobile app allows on-field data verification and evidence submission.
  • Post response action items can be created to monitor progress of insufficiency.

Approach and Methodology

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Enhanced Productivity

  • Improve Consistency: Uniform data collection from standardised questions can enhance consistency.
  • Minimise the impact of question interpretation: QuickChecks provides downloadable support documentation, content-sensitive hints and "help text" to clarify management expectation.
  • Eliminate Data re-entry: Data is entered only once avoiding paperwork & delays.
  • Increased Focus: Improved productivity from an automated solution allows deep insights and focus on core business.

Increased Operation Efficiency

  • Generate Action Items Automatically: E-mail reminders and action reports ensure timely follow-up and resolution.
  • Manage changes in responsibility: Allows tight control on security privileges and user access.
  • Enhance communication: Provides management with a centralised portal to create and distribute relevant updates through a news bulletin board.

Improved Reporting

  • Reduce cycle time from data entry to reporting: Management can focus on low performance stores with corrective actions.
  • Improve visibility of key performance metrics: Management's response to operational issues can be swift with real time information.
  • Eliminate data redundancy and Enhance Security: Data is synchronised upon completion and saved on a secure, centralised server.
  • Instils integrity: Fosters a culture of accountability.