SAP® Vulnerability Assessment

QuickAlert monitors security of your SAP software to defend against potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

  • Effortlessly identify and address over 1050 potential security vulnerabilities and critical misconfigurations with automated scanning and detection.
  • Receive targeted remediation actions for identified vulnerabilities, informed by SAP Security Notes and patches.
  • Support for all versions of SAP ABAP stack including legacy R/3 to S/4 HANA.
  • Contextualise critical issues with AriaTech’s industry-leading constantly updated SAP Security Knowledgebase of vulnerability research, exploit knowledge, and exposure analysis.
  • Leverage trends, insights, and use-cases to receive pre-emptive alerts of potential attacks.
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Simplified Reporting

Receive updated report regarding applicability and status of security notes based on information released every second Tuesday.

Accessibility & Real Time Updates

Access and assess the state of the system anytime and from anywhere.

Automated Scheduling

Schedule review of security notes every month and send automated email alerts.


  • Save Time and Effort – Eliminate manual processes of checking newly released security notes and their applicability.
  • ​Reduce Manual Intervention – Automated schedulers send out monthly email alerts about updated security notes.